The rational for this workshop comes from bringing together the Complex Network Community with the Quantum Gravity Community to discuss the common mathematical questions regarding the geometrical description of networks.

Recently, in the network science community the interest in the geometrical characterization of real network datasets has been growing. This problem has indeed many applications related to routing problems in the Internet, data mining, and community detection. Moreover, complex networks like the Internet can have a non-trivial hidden hyperbolic metric that affects the navigability of the network.

In quantum gravity space-time itself is quantized. In various approaches it is described by networks, or by simplicial complexes. In the different approaches to quantum gravity, including causal dynamical triangulations, causal sets, spin networks and loop quantum gravity, space-time is an emergent property of a network. A fundamental question relates to the possibility to perform a continuous limit of these discrete metric spaces where the tools of Riemanian geometry can be applied.

At the heart of both Complex networks and Quantum Gravity are fundamental questions about the Geometry of Networks. In pure mathematics the characterization of the geometry of networks is also a very active field.

In the proposed workshop we aim to stimulate diffusion of knowledge between these different fields of physics and applied mathematics, bringing together key players in the field.

The workshop is sponsored by the School of Mathematics of Queen Mary University of London.

The registration is free and there is a call for abstracts for contributed talks with deadline the 15th June 2015.